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Web Site Development

The Technology Enterprise web site development service help clients build effective websites by focusing on key aspects of a project: initial planning, marketing and promotion.  We work together with clients to produce high quality websites and applications.  An effective website must incorporate style and ergonomics to provide an aesthetically pleasing visual display combined with easy-to-use navigation.

Typically, we work with a customer to:

Specify the site, and assist in defining the look, feel and features.  If appropriate we can assemble a team which includes marketing expertise to ensure that a site is defined which meets the corporate goals of the customer.

Prepare a trial site, incorporating examples of the navigation structure and ergonomic design for approval prior to completing structural development.

Populate the site with copy supplied by our customer.  If necessary copy editing can be provided to ensure a consistent style is applied throughout the site.

Technology Enterprise has developed number of professional web sites.  The most recent of these was for the Government Office for London (GOL) to provide a web facility for winners of a Smart Award to facilitate development of innovative new products.  The site is at

Further sites can be seen at S&S Consultancy and Drax Torches.