The Business of Technology





Individual technology and business disciplines are interesting and stimulating, and require dedication and focus.  Indeed, many academic research groups and other training forums focus on aspects of individual science, technology and  business concepts.  However, true economic value almost invariably derives from interfacial tensions between different technologies, and between technology, business and commerce.  Examples are legion, for instance:

The combination of biotechnology, optics, advanced materials and mechanical engineering yields a new sensor technology. 
Business, marketing, IT and the internet to provide e-commerce.
The interface between dissimilar materials producing semiconductor devices, matrix composites, and advanced sensor technologies.

Technology Enterprise seeks to provide this creative tension both through individual breadth of experience in a number of technologies and businesses, but by assembling complementary teams where appropriate to solve a customer's problems.  Accordingly Technology Enterprise works with a network of specialist individuals, small companies and larger consultancies in complementary disciplines.  Through this network we supply a broad range of services in keeping with the aims of Technology Enterprise as set out on the Home Page.

Technology Enterprise's associate network complements the skills set out in this site with:

E-commerce and internet start up strategy
Intellectual Property management
Marketing in High Technologies
Optical design and Engineering
Biotechnology and the Life Sciences
Space and Astronomical Engineering

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