The Business of Technology



Technology Enterprise provides consultancy services to Industry and Commerce.


To be a supplier of Technology and Business services of the highest integrity and professionalism.  To achieve this through:

Maintaining a deep and thorough understanding of a wide range of technologies and manufacturing processes.

Dealing both honestly and openly with our clients.

Recognising that success depends on delighting our customers.

Our specialism is the interface between Technology and Business.  For example, as a customer you may be:
Reviewing the structure of the Technology function in your company to maximise value through innovation.
Looking for innovative stimulus in new product development.
Acquisitive, requiring a rapid expert opinion on the technologies and key staff in a target organisation.
A target,  seeking to clearly identify and effectively communicate key strengths as part of the transaction negotiation process.
Seeking interim management to facilitate timely introduction of a new product.
Seeking a trouble shooter to solve rapidly a problem in product development or production
A Financial Institution seeking a rapid opinion on the technology strengths, and IP-related contingent assets.

Leveraging the value of a patents portfolio through disposal or licensing.

This site is under continuous development.  However, you won't find a frustrating "under development" sign anywhere.  If something isn't ready, it simply won't be there.  Additional information will be added when it is ready.

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